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pilates reformer at inMotion fitness

Reformer Revolution

Discover Pilates Reformer at inMotion Fitness

Experience the Power of Pilates Reformer with Our Exclusive 30-Minute Demo!

Curious about the transformative effects of Pilates Reformer or just beginning your journey at inMotion Fitness? We invite you to join our 30-minute Pilates Reformer Demo, a perfect opportunity to see what all the excitement is about. Head on over to our schedule and sign up for a demo! This demo is available to all (you do not need to be a member to take Pilates Reformer classes!) for a nominal fee of $25. Don’t miss this chance to explore a workout that elegantly combines strength, flexibility, and balance, all while being guided by our seasoned professionals. Join us and step into the world of Pilates Reformer at inMotion Fitness!

Looking for more information? Simply fill out the form below, and one of our expert Pilates Reformer trainers will contact you.

Ready to jump right in? Head over to the Class Schedule and go ahead and sign up for either a Beginner or Mixed-Level Pilates Reformer group!


  • Enhance Your Core Strength

  • Increase Your Flexibility

  • Personalize Your Workouts

  • Create Your Mind-Body Connection

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How It Works




Sign Up for your 30-min Demo by signing up on our schedule or completing for the form above.

Our Pilates Reformer Specialist will contact you to schedule based on your preferred date and time. 

Visit inMotion Fitness on your Demo day to experience the Pilates Reformer Revolution!

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