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Healthy Super Bowl Snack Swaps

So you’re gearing up for the big game this Sunday, your squad is coming and it’s now time to plan the defense! I’m not talking about your team’s defense, I’m talking about your front line against overindulging.

Super Bowl parties are a fun time to gather with friends and family, socialize and cheer your team on, but if you’re someone who is trying to watch their waistline, a super bowl party can be scarier than a line backer coming at you at full speed. A typical super bowl spread can include chicken wings, hoagies, nachos, pizza, dips and many more belly busting foods.

Well I’m here to say your game day buffet doesn’t have to be full of penalties! You CAN stay on point with your nutrition goals and score a "healthy food touchdown” simply by swapping out some of your traditional super bowl foods with these healthier versions:

Instead of Buffalo Chicken Wings try:

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Instead of an 8 inch sub with all the fixings try:

Turkey and cheese pinwheel rollups

Instead of Nachos made with tortilla chips try:

Bell Pepper Nachos

Instead of Regular Pizza try:

Low carb tortilla pizza

Instead of spinach/artichoke dip try:

Try Hummus / Guacamole ( Homemade or store bought) with Veggies

Instead of regular brownies try:

Healthy Banana Brownies

And don’t forget the cocktails! Instead of calorie laden beers or fruity drinks, opt for a flavored sparkling water with vodka or tequila to keep the calories in check or skip the alcohol altogether.

A few other tips for game day!

  1. Never go to or host a party hungry! Before your festivities begin, have a small meal that includes some protein.

  2. Scan the buffet before eating. Select only the foods you REALLY want to eat.

  3. Fill your plate with veggies first and then add a few “special occasion” foods

  4. Sit or stand away from where the food is being served- you know what they say- “out of sight, out of mind”

Above all else, have fun and …GO JETS! LOL!!!!

by: Marci Resnick

inMotion Fitness & Wellness

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