InMotion Fitness & Wellness provides varied group fitness options and other exciting community-building activities. Our once small, private group swelled to 2,700 members and has grown into the community is today. 

Our members can access live virtual classes with a variety of certified instructors in a range of fitness genres. The experience may not be the same, but it is real.

We have real instructors inspiring real students to strive for real results. And we have discovered something on our journey, the convenience of virtual classes, the inhibition of at home study, and the connections forged through online interactions have provided us with something that will last beyond the pandemic. It has made us stronger and better. And, it has solidified the need for our provided services going forward.


When the pandemic hit in 2020 many of us struggled.  Apart, Together’s Facebook community was born out of that struggle and out of the need for connection.   One friend told another about Apart,Together and our online haven quickly grew to over 2,800 members. Our online community began offering free virtual group fitness classes and other exciting community-building activities, such as a virtual book club, educational resources for kids, community service projects and more.  Together, we had to redefine what it meant to be a community and we had to continue to evolve to feed our emotional and physical health through physical activity and interpersonal interaction. It was then that Apart, Together evolved into Apart | Together in Motion. 


Apart | Together in Motion went live as an online and outdoor fitness platform in September of 2020. Our virtual platform offered group fitness classes, personal training and nutrition and wellness coaching. Apart | Together in Motion also raised thousands of dollars for local non-profits such as the Christina S. Walsh Breast Cancer Foundation, Share My Meals, the Trenton Area Food Kitchen, Robbinsville Food Pantry, PACE Education, Dress for Success and Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue.    


 Today Apart | Together in Motion has evolved once again based on the needs and desires of the community.  We are now inMotion Fitness & Wellness.   Our boutique fitness and wellness center boasts two large group fitness studios offering a variety of classes such as Barre, Yoga, Zumba, Les Mills, Cardio and Strength classes for adults and kids. Classes are offered both live in-person and on Zoom. In addition, inMotion offers Personal Training, Wellness Coaching, Nutrition Coaching and specialty series  classes such as Mommy & Baby Yoga, Kid’s Hula Hoopla and Mindfulness Meditation. ​

Studio and Hybrid Memberships are available as well as Drop In Studio or Zoom passes, allowing you the ultimate flexibility to meet your  fitness needs. 


inMotion Fitness & Wellness is so much more than a gym. This is truly a supportive community that came together when we were forced to be apart. It is a community committed to continuing its tradition of fundraising for local non-profits. It is a community that will welcome you and support you in your fitness and wellness goals. We can’t wait to meet you!

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